Foto Chiese e Santuari

In order not to give up Sunday mass on vacation and discover new suggestions along the route of your excursions on the Ligurian coast or in our varied hinterland:


Rapallo – Sanctuary of Montallegro

Reachable by cable car as well as by car or bus. Panormaic dominant position at 600 m. high behind Rapallo with unparalleled views of the sea and the Gulf of Tigullio, it holds hundreds of ex-votos donated to the Madonna for the grace received, depicting those who survived shipwrecks, dangers or diseases.


Portofino – Church of San Giorgio

Suspended between the Gulf of Portofino and the open sea, from its terrace you can enjoy a broad view of the Tigullio promontory.


San Salvatore di Cogorno – Basilica of the Fieschi

Immersed in its small medieval village, the Romanesque basilica is a perfect combination of history and spirituality.


Chiavari – Madonna delle Grazie

Rich in medieval frescoes, it overlooks the sea from above along the road that connects Rapallo and Chiavari, offering a breathtaking landscape.


Vernazza – Church of Santa Maria di Antiochia

The church, dedicated to the patron saint of women in labor, placed on a rocky spur, seems to rise directly from the sea.


Portovenere – Church of San Pietro

It stands on the ruins of a Roman temple dedicated to Venus and is located on the cliffs overlooking the sea, nestled between the rocks and slabs of the staircase is an ideal meeting point between sky, land and sea.