Our territory is mountainous, a nice challenge for cyclists, but it offers beauties that are absolutely worth some effort!

Curve after curve the ever new panoramas of a land with a great variety of environments, colors and vegetation are revealed, and the sea seen from the heights is beautiful!

We will be happy to recommend the best cycling or mountain bike routes.

Along the coast, train + bike

in almost all local and regional trains in Liguria you can travel with the bicycle in tow: this service allows you to move along the coast avoiding the less interesting sections or to return comfortably to the base after a nice ride.


Pedestrian and cycle paths

The slate cycle path is a mixed cycle and pedestrian path that stretches from the coast inland up to a maximum of 55 kilometers; it is easy to travel without showing significant differences in height and can also be traveled partially: in its initial part, it crosses the wildlife oasis of the Entella River where it is frequent the sighting of gray herons, coots, knights of Italy in addition to the numerous cormorants, geese , ducks and seagulls.

The Framura Levanto cycle and pedestrian path is a beautiful flat course of 5 and a half kilometers built on the route of the old coastal railway. In a short time it should be expanded to join Deiva Marina in Monterosso. The galleries have been restored and illuminated and there are openings and balconies in correspondence with the most beautiful views. Along the stretch you can also access hidden beaches and coves that would otherwise be unreachable if not by sea: don’t forget your swimsuit!

Among the most enchanting cycle paths we have in Italy. Recommended for everyone !!

You can reach Framura directly by train or through an enchanting path that winds from Sestri Levante in a typically Mediterranean hilly environment.

Sestri Levante offers the possibility to travel along safe cycle and pedestrian paths along the promenade and numerous city routes in addition to the track that reaches Casarza


Road routes

Set off to discover a spectacular area by following routes of 60 to 100 and more kilometers: we will recommend routes of length and with differences in height suitable for your wheels and your legs!!!



Go to altitude with the panoramic Montallegro cable car and then … down extraordinary paths to the coast or go downhill from Monte Capenardo to Cavi di Lavagna or Sestri Levante passing through the suggestive Rocche di Sant’Anna: a fantastic experience for those love this sport!

The Alta Via Dei Monti Liguri crosses all of Liguria at altitude: in our hinterland there are passable stretches of great beauty!


Bike rental

We can rent road bikes or mountain bikes for you: you will find them waiting for you in our parking lot and even if you are not an adventurous cyclist you can enjoy a quiet ride along the panoramic and suggestive road to Portofino (only 8 km)


Electric bikes

To move freely without fatigue: it is not yet easy to find them for hire but the specialist shops are equipping themselves …

For your particular needs in which we cannot assist you, we trust you with specialized guide services in organizing bike tours at all levels