Foto subacqueo

For experienced divers or beginners, the “baptism of the abyss” is the opportunity to dive into the crystal clear waters of the protected marine area of ​​Monte di Portofino or Punta Mesco and the Cinque Terre in search of lively rocky bottoms and numerous wrecks.


SNORKELING … Curiosity under water within everyone’s reach!

The Christ of the Abyss is a 2 and a half meter high bronze statue which, placed 17 meters deep in the clear waters of San Fruttuoso, blesses the sea and protects mariners.

On the last Sunday of July on the beach in front of the famous Abbey of San Fruttuoso, in the mere light of torches, a mass is celebrated in suffrage for those who lost their lives at sea while divers dive in procession to lay wreaths of flowers at feet of the submerged Christ.

The crib of the dolphins in the waters of Riva Trigoso represents an original Nativity consisting of 5 bronze statues: the three components of the Holy Family and 2 dolphins a meter and a half long each.

A copy of the monument is located in the churchyard of the Church of Santa Sabina di Trigoso

The “Madonna del Mare” is a bronze sculpture placed in 1997 on the seabed in front of the Levantine wharf of Zoagli, in front of the large roundabout of the promenade, about nine meters deep. Made by the sculptor Marian Hastianatte (Zoagliese artist by adoption) and by the art foundry of Massimo Del Chiaro, it is about 1.60 meters high and this work was desired by a group of Zoagliesi who joined the committee, to remember the commanders of Zoagli who challenged the oceans with ancient sailing boats and all the sailors who have always fought in defense of the homeland.

Annually, on the evening of August 6, an underwater procession takes place where divers place a laurel wreath at the foot of the sculpture in memory of the day it was placed on the seabed. During the evening, Holy Mass is also celebrated on the promenade, while the candles illuminate the mirror of water in front.