Every year in the first 3 days of July the patronal festivals of Rapallo take place, very famous days for the great night and daytime fireworks with unique characteristics in the world. The most important moment is July 3, in fact during the last evening of celebration, in honor of the apparition of Our Lady of Montallegro, the famous “Shoot of the Boys” starts next to the castle of Rapallo which culminates with “the Fire of the Castle”: from the roof of the castle a white waterfall branches off which descends towards the sea and at the same time red smoke comes out of the windows simulating a fire, a truly unique spectacle in the world!

Numerous fireworks parties are also organized in Chiavari and Recco, as well as in many other neighboring cities and towns. This means that practically every week on summer evenings it is possible to see the sky light up in all colors!

Moreover, almost in every city and town in the surrounding area, during the summer, it is possible to participate in various festivals and festivals, where you have the opportunity to eat typical Ligurian products and participate in the processions and traditional events which usually ends up with music and dancing.